• '
  • Amber in Colors of Fall
    Amber in Colors of Fall'
  • Triceratops Toe Bones
    Triceratops Toe Bones'
  • White Drusy
    White Drusy'
  • Mosasaur in Matrix
    Mosasaur in Matrix'
  • Petrified Wood Slice on Ironwood Base
    Petrified Wood Slice on Ironwood Base'
  • Quartz Drusy over Blue Chalcedony
    Quartz Drusy over Blue Chalcedony'
  • Chalcedony, Green Amethyst Blue Topaz
    Chalcedony, Green Amethyst Blue Topaz'
  • Citrine Geode Cocktail Table
    Citrine Geode Cocktail Table'
  • Bison Priscus Skull
    Bison Priscus Skull'
  • Faceted and Rough Citrine
     Faceted and Rough Citrine'
  • Signature Collection:Woolly Mammoth Tusk
    Signature Collection:Woolly Mammoth Tusk'
Amethyst Freshwater Pearl White Topaz
Amethyst,in both faceted and rough, Freshwater Pearl, White Topaz. Amethyst is the birthstone for ...
Stalactite Amethyst, Brazil
Deep Purple Stalactite Amethyst. Dimensions in wooden stand: 19” W x 20 ½” H x 9 ½” D ...
Cuff-Paua Sterling Silver
Paua,or(Abalone Shell),as it is named by the Māori people of New Zealand is known for its ...
Cognac Amber Butterfly Bracelet
Just in time to celebrate the Fall Season! Touchstone Galleries are full of Fall colors! Especially ...
Citrine Cocktail Table
This is a natural citrine geode that is cradled on a custom made stand in stainless steel. This is ...
Round Cognac Amber Pendant
Round Cognac Amber Pendant finished with textured vine open work silver cap. You may wish to pair ...
Selenite with Fluorite Lamp
A pinnacle of selenite set on top of a fluorite base. Pure magic in light! Light reveals the ...
Dugway Geode Stand Up
Dugway Geode Stand Up with a deep drusy filled cavity. Looking to add celestial blue to your home ...
Meteorite Month in Sedona
Guest speaker,Dustin Dickens, Meteorite & Planetary Science Researcher, and Published Author. Join ...
Men's Gibeon Meteorite Watch
Men's Gibeon Meteorite Watch with quartz movement on a mesh adjustable band. The dial is a Gibeon ...
Septarian Geode Stand Up
Septarian Geode Stand Up from Utah. The geode has a deep pocket of drusy in somber yellow calcite ...
Onyx Wavy Long Bowl
Decorative Onyx "Wavy Long" Bowl is hand carved from what is described as "cave" or Mexican onyx.