Megalodon Tooth Inlaid with Chrysocolla

Megalodon Tooth Inlaid with Chrysocolla
Megalodon Shark tooth with Chrysocolla inlay. Comes in a handsome light oak shadow box with an inset magnetic closure and hinges at the top. This allows for the megalodon tooth to be taken out of the box for closer inspection. The interior of the box is lined with tan micro-suede matting. A Megaladon Shark was one of the largest predators of the ocean. Take a bit out of this! Imagine the mouth that this came from! A Shark that was between 50 to 65 feet long and weighing 48 tons! There were no other predators that swam in the ocean that posed a threat this giant! It held its place at the top of the food chain preying on other large sea animals, such as whales, giant sea turtles, and dolphins. Megalodon, meaning big tooth, could rip through flesh and bones decimating its prey. Think terminator! It had a bit force five times greater than T-Rex. Oddly, the only remains left are teeth because the shark has no bones, only cartilage as its skeletal structure. Cartilage, is like what your ear lobe is made from, does not fossilize well. This is an exceptional quality fossil.

Tooth is 5.25 inches long x 4 inches wide x 1.25 thick
 Chrysocolla Inlay

Hawthorn Formation, South Carolina
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