Petrified Wood Accent Table

Petrified Wood Accent Table
More than just another "Accent" table. More than just the fact that it is over 225 million years old....this is a gorgeous selection of petrified wood that has been hand picked by the artist, polished and matched to fit perfectly pulling the colors from both the fossil wood and the natural Manzanita tree. This petrified wood table is beautifully crafted by artist Ed Rigel. The polished slice has many colors, some of which that range from mauve to coppers with sparkles of quartz crystals. The base is Manzanita Wood with all of its natural,graceful form with curves and flowing colors of yellows to reds.

The Petrified Wood Slice is approximately a 16 inch round  on a 34.5 inch tall Manzanita Wood Base.

Petrified wood - (from the Greek root "petro" meaning "rock" or "stone", literally "wood turned into stone") is a type of fossil.  It consists of fossil wood where all the organic materials have been replaced with minerals (most often quartz), while retaining the original structure of the wood.
About the Artist, Ed Rigel

About Ed Rigel - Hi I am Ed Rigel.   I am a 3rd generation lapidary artisan working exclusively in petrified wood. I was born and raised in Oregon; digging before I could walk.  I dig, collect and also purchase collections from around the world.  I do all my own cutting and polishing (to a mirror finish) in my studio in California. 

I hope you enjoy these beautiful Arizona Petrified Wood Slices.  The petrified wood is about 225 million years old, was collected from private land near Holbrook Arizona.

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1 ft. 4 in.
1 ft. 5 1/2 in.
2 ft. 10 1/2 in.
81 lbs.
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