Sand Pictures / Summer Turquoise

Sand Pictures / Summer Turquoise
** This item is on back order until January 2017. Specifically styled to fit into either a home or office, a Sand Picture makes a perfect gift. Flipping the frame provides endless entertainment!

In the beginning there was sand and water. Then there were sand pictures.The creator of the original handcrafted sand designs that combine time, gravity, matter and motion to form fascinating ever changing works of art.

This turquoise tinted piece is one of Touchstone’s three different color treatments of Bill’s timeless 12.75 inch wide by 8.5 inch tall by 2.75 inch thick sand paintings.
The sand paintings are crafted with beautiful colored sands from around the world. Black from the African coast, white from New Mexico, and coral pink from Utah. A high quality alder frame seals a highly guarded non-toxic solution.

The sand pictures ascend into mountains and glaciers, lakes and oceans, deserts and beaches. They sooth the psyche while they stimulate the imagination. Turn one over and the process begins creating new pictures with each new turn.
Made in the USA
Summer Turquoise - Summer Turquoise liquid with black sand, green sands from South America, four types of white sand, including one from New Mexico, and a hint of fine sea foam green glitter
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