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Onyx Bowl
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Onyx Bowl
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Onyx Bowl
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(Décor and Carvings) Tableware

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Arc Shaped Onyx Bowl
Onyx Arc shaped Bowl 29 inches long and 9 inches wide. Bands of crystal formation build the color range of this stone. ...
Free Form Cream w drusy Onyx bowl
Free Form Cream w drusy Onyx bowl is stunning on a coffee table or dining table. Hand carved natural stone with free ...
Leaf Two Tone Onyx Bowl
Long undulating leaf carved from onyx in two tone stone. A lovely long leaf to grace any table top for high end decor.
Leaf w Brown Banding
Wide onyx leaf hand carved out of stone to reveal all of the natural colors that you see here.
Onyx 3 Leaf Point
Onyx Three Leaf Point decorative bowl displaying many swirls of color. This distinctive bowl has a large span of over a ...
Onyx 5 Leaf Clover Bowl
Onyx 5 Leaf Clover Bowl.currently on display in Santa Fe. Retail: $4,959
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