Woolly Rhino Skull

Woolly Rhino Skull
Woolly Rhino skull from the Pleistocene Era was found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. This fossil has Sold.

To see this in person will leave you virtually speechless. The beautiful chocolate brown color of the bone is natural with natural varying tones to all the authentic molar teeth. Rare bone detail that is usually missing or damaged is intact as seen in the above photos. Not only is this one of the most incredibly impressive specimens of any kind or species we have ever offered but it is rare, of very high quality and in remarkable preservation with only minimal restoration to the skull (less than 5% and mainly to repair cracks). All the molar and premolar teeth present are GENUINE in both the skull and lower jaw. Anatomy that is usually missing such as cheek bones and nasal region detail is present and original on this superb skull.

*The Woolly Rhino horns are a restoration for representational purposes to show the full authentic glory and to bring realization to this magnificent prehistoric marvel. Woolly Rhino horns are composed of the fibrous material called "keratin" similar to our hair and fingernails, does not survive as well over millions of years of climatic changes as do things like bones.

Height: 47 inches or 119.38 centimeters

Width:29 inches or 73.66 centimeters

Depth: 12.5 inches or 31.75 centimeters

Base:18x11 inches or 45.72 x 27.94 centimeters

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