About Touchstone Gallery

 What you can find at Touchstone:

touchstone gallery features the Southwest’s finest selection of “nature’s art etched in stone”. touchstone is the place to find collectible, amazing and beautiful pieces created by the earth’s “Oldest Master”, Mother Nature herself.

Inspire your home or office décor with one of these incredible, naturally formed beautiful pieces…..

touchstone brings you the best pieces unearthed through the passionate work of over one hundred and eighty mineral and fossil experts from around the globe. We look forward to sharing the product knowledge and the stories that result from our collaboration with these passionate experts.

You will be entertained and intrigued…… and perhaps even tempted by touchstone’s assortment of world class minerals, museum quality fossils, contemporary jewelry, and stunning mineral & fossil based home décor.

Joe & Susan have personally chosen every piece for its fascinating story and for its potential to fit into your home or office décor. They invite you to shop their extensive display of nature’s art etched in stone located in four of America’s renowned art districts. Visit touchstone gallery in Santa Fe,Sedona and Taos.

Why we chose the name Touchstone:
1. The name has a close connection to the jewelry/gemstones, minerals and fossils we offer (which are after all stones)

2. In a short definition, its meaning can be described as “genuineness or truth teller”.

Webster’s more complete definition is: “Definition of TOUCHSTONE
  1. a black siliceous stone related to flint and formerly used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal
  2. a test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing
  3. a fundamental or quintessential part or feature”
We really thought that this definition captured the essence of our product line and gallery goals. We offer the “real deal” while the broader world of retailing offers mostly manufactured products. If we offer it, our customers can be assured of its genuineness.

3. The name helps distinguish us from a museum where you are not usually allowed to touch the displayed items. We know that for many people that touching the product (touching the stone!) is part of deciding whether they like the texture and other features of the product. We not only allow folks to touch the items displayed, we encourage it because we want people to fall in love with our products.

A Little Bit about Your Hosts Joe & Susan

Joe & Susan Wilhelm’s love for the mountains and desert brought them to the southwest. A passion and fascination for the natural beauty and ancient stories of gallery quality minerals and fossils encouraged them to create touchstone gallery.

touchstone gallery brings you a chance to see and choose from a wide range of nature’s art etched in stone and is one of those rare galleries where you will find collectible, amazing and beautiful pieces created by earth’s “Oldest Master”, Mother Nature herself.