Amber Belt

Amber Belt
An Original by Susan Heike-Wilhelm This adjustable belt is designed with a beaded (5) strand,multi-colored amber center drape with a lobster claw closure and a beveled cognac amber drop.The (21)total sterling silver link framed station have glitter cognac, and green amber accented with butterscotch,black cherry and honey amber. 42 inches overall length 41 inches useable link length

Amber is the hot item in fashion as its interest has grown in recent years. Owning to its beauty in a range of warm colors and its fascinating inclusions of ancient life. Amber is the resin from ancient trees that lived millions of years ago, the resin once fluid traps insects and other organic materials. Amber then hardens perfectly preserving these life forms giving us a window into the past.
Currently on display at our Sedona, Arizona location.
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