Coprolite Deluxe 15 Treasure Chest

Coprolite Deluxe 15 Treasure Chest
The ultimate white elephant gifting or corporate gag gift. This is a real fossil, "turtle dung" 100+ million years old. Comes in a treasure chest that will surprise the recipient of the "Treasure". 15 pieces in this Order. We ship it in a USPS Priority box,(If it ships it fits box). Ships within the contiguous USA. Otherwise,If you should need special shipping or faster delivery, see shipping details at check out.

included in each order:
*15 wooden treasure chests
* Fun cartoon of caveman with his pet dino doing the right thing picking up after his pet!
* Coprolite, turtle dung, that is 100+ million years old. Usually around three inches long.
*Certificate of Authenticity with the details of this fossil
Currently on display at our Cedar Crest, New Mexico location.
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