Jeannie Peacock Marble Vase

Jeannie Peacock Marble Vase
This statuesque vase stands 28 inches tall. If you use your imagination you can see a dragon in the surface of the vase. An outstanding piece that will instantly transform a room to an aesthetic space in your home. Peacock marble is one of a kind, cut from natural stone with an array of colors playing between tones of jade,gold, brown, cream,and teal. When considering your design choices and how to get the most impact for your dollars then choosing this peacock marble vase would not only be a spectacular but valuable addition to your home or office.

Peacock Marble is a wonder of nature cut from a large boulder that is only found in a particular region of the world. The marble is carefully selected and finished by a father a son team. The son carefully considers each design that the stone is destined to be made into before it is removed from the quarry. After the stone is quarried then the father over sees the finishing and polishing of the individual finished product. There is a lot of thought that goes into the  process of each piece as it is designed with generations of skill and craft.
Currently on display at our Taos, New Mexico location.
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1 ft.
1 ft.
2 ft. 4 in.
51 lbs.
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Total Price: $2,640.00

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