Onyx 5 Leaf Clover Bowl

Onyx 5 Leaf Clover Bowl
Onyx 5 Leaf Clover Bowl.currently on display in Santa Fe. Retail: $4,959

About the Artist, Eulogio, Second Generation Stone Sculptor
Eulogio,  Second Generation Stone Sculptor

Eulogio – Puebla Rock Star

You likely know all about one name rock stars like Beyoncé, Cher and Madonna.  Let us take a moment to introduce you to a very different one name rock star - Mexican Sculptor Eulogio……. And also to introduce you to his fabulous art. Eulogio (eh-oo-low-hee-oh) is a second generation onyx sculptor, who along with his two brothers is carrying forward a 60 year long family tradition of turning rough chunks of banded botryoidal onyx  into beautifully carved works of  art. Eulogio plies his craft in a very remote area in the general vicinity of Puebla, Puebla in Southern Mexico.  Eulogio’s home lies in the Valley of Cuetlaxcoapan, which is framed on all sides by the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt.  It is an area of extraordinary natural scenery. Amongst the keys to the beauty of his carvings is a very careful choice of raw banded onyx material.  The botryoidal onyx he works with looks like interlocking rounded masses…. which when carved open, reveal wonderful and intricate patterns of color and texture. 

With a careful eye developed over decades of accumulated family experience, he chooses onyx pieces with distinctive patterns and lots of accents from natural cavities.  He then carefully decides the nature of the carving he will actually make……..taking fullest advantage of the natural shape of each individual piece of raw onyx. It is this combination of Mother Nature’s wonderfully patterned stone…..combined with the respectful artistry developed over decades of experience………. that yields the exquisite décor pieces you can find only at touchstone gallery.As you can easily imagine every single piece that Eulogio carves is distinctively different from every other piece.  Touchstone specializes in his exquisite bowl designs to accent your home décor. In doing so we seek to honor Eulogio and to create an opportunity for his work to be seen and enjoyed beyond his deeply rural part of Mexico.


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