Peacock Marble Vase-Largest

Peacock Marble Vase-Largest
You gotta big house? - We gotta big vase! This is the largest available Peacock Marble Vase to date! It stands 42 inches tall. This marble is only quarried in one region of the world. A father/son team are the artisans of this kind of marble turned into this magnificent vase with colors that range from teal, creamy tans,and rich browns. This piece would be very appropriate in in a large space like a vestibule or foyer.

Magnificent Peacock Marble from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains…
Timeless Elegance for Your Décor

The foothills of the Himalayans.  The same force that created the Himalayan Mountains is the same force which fossilized limestone, turning it into unique and lovely peacock marble.
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