Petrified Wood Slab

Petrified Wood Slab
Petrified Wood slab with bentonite edge. The petrified wood slab is from the Triassic Period,180 to 225 million years ago when this tree lived. The downed tree settled in mud that cut off life supporting oxygen to bacteria that would subsequently decay the soft tissues of the tree.Over many periods of time, mineral rich solutions entered the fallen tree leaving behind deposits that then mineralized the tree tissues into what it is today. Then it was perfected by being polished into a glassy finish. Enjoy the excitement of discovery with friends and family each time you look into the past millions of years that are represented by rings of deposits in reds,golden tones to mauve, to the delicate white calcite crystals.

Currently on display at our Taos, New Mexico location.
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2 ft. 6 in.
3 ft. 3 in.
130 lbs.
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