Petrified Wood Slice on Ironwood Base

Petrified Wood Slice on Ironwood Base
Petrified wood slice on an ironwood base cocktail table. The slice has wonderful range in colors in reds,charcoal grey, golds to mauve also notice the white calcite crystals. One can see the rings of this once live tree now fossilized in stone. The slice is polished to a glassy finish that makes this piece not only visually exciting but versatile for decor. The colors would be at home with either the eclectic style of tribal blankets on the floor or high finish contemporary look pulled from the glassy finish on the stone. Enjoy looking into the history of this fossil and count the rings into its past.

Ironwood base with petrified wood slice overall height is 14.5 inches
Petrified Wood slice is: 1.5 inches thick
31x23.5 inches
59 lbs.
Holbrook, Arizona area
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1 ft. 11 1/2 in.
2 ft. 7 in.
1 ft. 2 1/2 in.
59 lbs.
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Total Price: $7,100.00