Red Scolecite w/Chalcedony

Red Scolecite w/Chalcedony
Feel your blood pressure rise? These very attractive specimens of scolecite w/chalcedony with this range of color we rarely see come through our galleries. We only have a limited amount of this particular variety of scolecite. Hot reds to flaming oranges radiating out from a central core describe this rare mineral. This hot item is from India. It is reminiscent of the jewel tones of India silks. Place in a room for some fire!

Red Scolecite w/Chalcedony is a hydrated calcium silicate. it is a fibrous spray of delicate mineral structure. Crystals radiate from a center. the color is translucent to sub translucent and is brittle blade like form and is associated with beautiful chalcedony.

Currently on display at our Santa Fe, New Mexico location.
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