Selenite with Fluorite Lamp

Selenite with Fluorite Lamp
Magical selenite lamps on a flourite base. The translucent quality lends itself to changing the color with different colored light bulbs. Great idea for setting the mood to a room. We will send a few color bulbs to get you started on your personal adventure in color with selenite and flourite

Selenite meaning “moon stone”.  Selenite crystals are tabular with striations running its length. Crystal containing water and gas bubbles is relatively frequent. Selenite can be gray, white, green or golden brown.

Fluorite is made up from fluorine and calcium. Fluorite is a halide mineral that is soft and usually colorless but can be easily influenced by a molecule responsible for color, and be blue, purple, violet, green, brown, or yellow and in some instances, black . Sometimes several colors are present in the same crystal creating a striking affect as is the case of our lamp bases.
About the Artist, Mother Nature
Mother NatureMother Nature began her esteemed art career billions of years ago. She designs her art using special effects of time, heat and pressure….. Volcanic eruptions, mountains built from continents smashing into one another and even the slow layering of sand, silt, sea plants and animals creating new stone at the ocean’s floor. Some of her favorite creations are life turned to fossils, mineral crystals crafted into geodes, gemstones and an exquisite marble bearing the colors of a peacock! · Where there was once sea, she built land all while turning sea forms into fossils….. Caught in time are fish swimming among ferns….. where they once trolled the lake shores now they are forever etched in stone... · Her works include mineral crystals and gems born from the heat and pressure of volcanic eruptions. · In an instant of the geological clock, she showers the earth with meteorites condensed from the heavens. Mother Nature's art forms are numerous and wonderful to behold. Touchstone Gallery brings you a wide variety of her very best creations gathered from around the world.
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