Sumatran Amber Ring

Sumatran Amber Ring
Amber, although not actually a gemstone, is probably the oldest material used for decorating the body (i.e. jewelry) known to Man. It is the fossilized resin of a pine tree from up to 40 million years ago, and has been found in the form of beads in Prehistoric archaeological sites. Most amber comes from Russia and the Baltic area, and some also from Central America—but now amber has been discovered in Indonesia. In fact we have seen the occasional piece of antique body decoration from Irian Jaya (West Papua) with a piece of amber, but amber has not been sought after or “mined” in Indonesia—that is until now. Two of the major amber-producing areas in Indonesia are Kalimantan and Sumatra, the Kalimantan amber being quite similar in appearance to Baltic amber. It’s the Sumatran amber that is unique—it is found in the usual golden-yellow, brown (“amber color”) and reddish hues, but also in olive green and most importantly a navy blue color. Blue amber is the rarest of all ambers, and before the Indonesian discovery it was only found in the Dominican Republic and a bit in Mexico. Blue amber is extraordinary in that when you look AT it (reflecting light) it’s blue, but when you look THROUGH it (at a light source) it looks reddish brown or amber color. Indonesian amber in all its colors often has extraordinary inclusions that resemble golden or opalescent lights, making each piece singular and unique.

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